8 in 1 Mother Daughter System For Dollies – 2240 x 1470 mm

Large mother- daughter system for transporting eight small dollies.

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This 8 in 1 Mother Daughter cart system is a very large solution designed to take 8 fully loaded dollies within one frame. The 8 dollies can all be removed at different work and assembly stations, this improves efficiency flow within the facility. This mother frame is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar, therefore this solution is designed to be towed behind a tugger train.

Technical specifications
Transportation method Mother-Daughter Cart, Tugger
Industry Appliances & Electronics, Distribution, Medical Equipment
Length 2235.2 mm
Width 1473.2 mm
Height 1701.8 mm
Caster size 127 mm
Type of tow bar Tongue and Hitch